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Hello, in this post we’ll discuss a few Instagram profile ideas that will make your profile stand out from the rest of users on your niche. So this will help you get more loyal followers. One loyal follower is someone who is liking everything you post. Watches every story, buys everything from you. This is why one loyal follower is worth 1000 normal followers. So here are so many ways to get more loyal followers by making your profile stand out from the crowd.

Followers are a gift, not an obligation – how to make them loyal followers

Indeed, the best way to get followers and get them to love your profile is to find loyal followers. However, it is important to remember that most followers only want to follow you because you are a great human being. Someone who does amazing things and offers great value to everyone. It is very important to make them love you before using any of these methods.

Having lots of followers also gives people the message that you care. People who see that you care will see that you’ll be a good influencer to follow.

Create a story for them

To get real and loyal followers, it is important to start the interaction with them. It is not enough to have beautiful pictures. It is also important to offer value and show how you are a great person. Your followers will want to follow you to see how you will help and empower others. It is crucial to create a story for your followers, which allows them to understand how you are different from other people.

Have a good content

It is not easy to create content that attracts followers. It is also not easy to get a consistent audience. However, it is important to do both to build a strong following. The better your content, the better followers will like your content.

Follow your heart

It is also important to follow your heart. If you follow a lot of people and have a lot of followers, those people might start to follow you. Followers love to follow people who do things that they can relate to. Therefore, having people who look like yourself or are similar to you will make it easier for them to like your content.

Use great hashtags

It is very important to use great hashtags. It is like an extra feature that allows people to search for you quickly. Also many people are not even looking for you and are searching for other accounts. However, by using the right hashtags, they will be able to find you.

Take care of your profile

You should also be taking care of your Instagram Profile. When you create a new Instagram account, it is also important to create a profile, with a photo that is consistent and unique. Make sure that your profile is easy to find. In general, make sure that your content is in line with the people who will be seeing your photo, and make sure that your profile photos can be easily found. Check the section about hashtags from above again for more info about this.

Having good photos is very important for getting followers. But it is also important to create good descriptions to encourage them to like your content. People will love your content if they can see how you do the things that are unique to your brand.

Here are some other quick Instagram profile ideas to make yours stand out

  • Use photos of your best moments (or the moments you wish you were good enough for)
  • Use photos to share stories about your life that have meaning or relevance to you
  • Create a fun Instagram profile photo featuring yourself with friends or friends you trust – you can add them to your feed as followers
  • Use your Instagram to post about your favorite places and things, then tag your friends in your images so that they see them
  • Post on your Instagram as frequently as possible
  • Add as many people and/or places to your feed as you can
  • Make sure you post from your phone – no desktop images
  • Keep your feed clean with no spamming
  • Make sure you tag everyone and their mom
  • Have fun 🙂

Some other things to keep in mind

  • Be kind 🙂
  • Use your Instagram account as a platform to share your best moments from your day at work, at school, etc
  • Don’t try to be a perfect user – do the best you can with it.
  • If you post your best moments of the day, your feed will be full of them!
  • Don’t try to share things you don’t care about.
  • Use your account as a platform to share your best moments from your school day/week, from your job, from your favorite places – it makes the page a much more valuable one.

I hope my guide helps you on your journey to becoming the best Instagram user. For more tips about getting followers you can check out another post from us: The Best Way to Get Instagram Followers


Instagram is a big social media platform with thousands of people, and it is easy for anyone to get thousands of followers on Instagram. However, most accounts have no success in building any significant following on Instagram. So if you want to gain followers on Instagram, you have to create a good profile with a few photos and have a great use of hashtags.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I hope this was helpful to you and now you have some instagram profile ideas to make your profile stand out and get more true fans.

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