So in this blog post we’re going to talk about the Instagram accounts footprints. You may ask yourself what are footprints? They are a way for Instagram to track your accounts and ban them for being used by bots.

Does the software that you’re using matter?

This is probably the first questions that comes to your mind when you’re thinking about footprints, and the answer is yes. We here at igramtool and especially for our instagram account creator we take that very seriously. And we try to do our best to keep the footprints as low as possible. However, there is something we can’t control, our users. This is why we’re writing this article.

Footprints you are usually leaving.

Here we’re going to talk about what footprints you may leave without even realizing it, so let’s get started.

Doing almost the same thing on multiple accounts.

So let’s say that you’re going to register 100 accounts. Usually you will register more and the footprint will be even more obvious.

  • So you’re registering 100 accounts on a few subnets. Because you bought all the proxies from the same provider, and they don’t offer that many subnets.
  • Then you register all the accounts within an hour or less from each other.

So now Instagram is already looking closer into your account, however this alone can’t be a reason for ban.

  • Logging in at the same time.
  • You start using the accounts at the same time, another big footprint.
  • Then you start doing almost the same type of accounts. The same number of actions with a small variation.
  • At the same time everyday.
  • Taking some pause.

Even if the things mentioned above are random, usually, you will get some accounts that will be very close in the actions they do, so this is how your accounts will get linked.

Using the same link.

This is a big flag also, there isn’t much to talk about, but using the same link is a big no. Also, using for example a subdomain of tumblr/wordpress/wix or something similar on the accounts that already are flagged because of the things mentions above are a big no also.

Using the same email provider.

What are the changes of register 100 accounts on the same subnet, using the same email provider, the same type of username with small variations and starting doing actions at the same time? Pretty low if you ask me.

Using low quality email providers.

This is another problem. If you are using low quality emails provider it is going to be harder to register accounts and also you’re going to get flagged sooner. From our tests we concluded that the harder is to register an email account using that provider the easier it will be to register an Instagram account using that provider.

Footprints your bot may leave.

Also, there is a chance your bot may be leaving footprints, but there isn’t much you can do about that, you could just change the bot, but that could lead to another footprint(logging in on 100 accounts or more at the same time, on the same subnet). So if you have to change your bot, try to export your cookies and import them on your new bot. This is why our account creator offers you the possibility to export the cookies when you export the accounts. Also, our bot is going other things to stop the footprints. However, they are technical things so this is why we’re not going to talk about them here. For more info about our Instagram account creator you can visit:


Rafa · June 7, 2019 at 11:00 am

Do you think that residential proxies are more secure for account creation and management?

    Mihai · June 11, 2019 at 6:12 am

    Yes, definitely, but at the same time if you have all of them from the same subnet this is going to be a big flag.

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