So as you probably already know, we are selling an instagram account creator. But a lot of people after buying it still has some questions about how to use this. So in this blog post I will try to explain the basic concept of our tool.

Video tutorial – using the ig account creator

Do you like to watch videos instead of reading a lot of text? Then we’ve got you covered with one of our videos. You can also subscribe to our channel by clicking here. Here is a video tutorial about using our tool:

So if you’re still reading this means that you like to read more then to watch video tutorials. But don’t worry I am going to try to explain everything you need to know in order to use this successfully.

First you have to login and also update your GUID. If you’ve changed your machine, but this is already covered on another tutorial. So please make sure that you do that first before you continue reading this tutorial.

After logging in you will see a windows like this:

instagram account creator

Here you have 5 tabs, I am going to take each one and explain everything you need to know about them.

Single account tab

Single account about this, you can probably guess already what it does, it just simply creates a single account with the info you’ve entered. You can also generate fake information by clicking the “Generate fake info” button. Usually if you are experiencing any problems with the bulk creator you can try to create only one account and message us with the results, so we can help you resolve your issue faster.

Email format

As you can see there is an email field and a proxy field, here is the format for the email field:


The same format applies to the bulk creator, the only difference is that for the bulk creator you have to import a file with your emails on that format.

Proxies format

There is also a proxy field, proxies are a must if you want to create a log of good quality accounts, you can insert proxies in the following format:


The same format can be applied to the bulk account creator when you’re importing the proxies. You can also use rotating proxies and you can make the tool wait, after one account was made in case you have proxies that rotate every X minutes.

Other things

If you want to do anything else with your account after it is created. You can simply click the checkbox that says “Don’t close the browser after account is created”. This way every time a new account is created using the single account creator feature the browser won’t be closed automatically and you can make any changes to your account before you close the browser windows manually.

The Bulk accounts creator

Now we’re talking business, this is the main module of the Instagram account creator, using this you can create a lot of accounts just by setting a few things like username pattern, name pattern, importing emails and proxies

Here is a screenshot of that tab:

bulk account creator

Username and Name Fields

So, for the username and name fields, you can do two things. You can use a spintax or you can use a pattern or you can combine them both.


You can see from the info box you can use spintax like: {name1|name2|…} and every time you will get random output.


You can use patterns in both name and username fields. You must write the patterns exactly as they are on the info box or you can copy+paste them from here the patterns are:

[random] - 5 random letters and numbers
[a-z] - random lowercase letter
[A-Z] - random uppercase letter
[0-9] - random number

Emails and proxies

The format of the emails and proxies is already described above. So I am not going to do it again, the only difference is that now you have to import a file with emails and proxies. For emails you can also click the checkbox button that says “Generate random gmail emails” and you will get a random email, but that email doesn’t exist. Our creator doesn’t create that email for you, it just generates a fake one in order to register the account.

Yes, you can use rotating proxies with our instagram account creator, you can make the tool pause for a certain time before creating another account. This pause is for each thread. So if you have 10 threads access to your proxies then you shouldn’t try to run more threads on igramtool using this feature, because you will get the same IP multiple times.

Also in order to use rotating proxies you just have to import the same proxies multiple times. If you have just one proxy, then you can put it in a file multiple times and import that file. Make sure the number of threads from settings is less or equal to the numbers of threads you have from your proxy provider and you’re good to go.

Profile picture

This feature won’t work if you have proxies that are slow. You must have high quality proxies and sometimes even with high quality proxies this may fail. So it’s safe to say that this feature is in beta and this is the reason we don’t even advertise this feature on our sales page about the instagram account creator.

Export unused emails/proxies

In case you didn’t use all your emails or proxies, no problem, you can export them, but take note. If you try to register one account using an email and that registration fails with the error: “Sorry, something went…” then you won’t be able to register another account using that email. So this is why when you export your emails you may get fewer emails the imported-the emails you used. Because the accounts that failed to register with the “Sorry…” error are removed too, because the emails can’t be used to register other accounts.

Accounts Tab

accounts instagram account creator

This tab is pretty basic. You will get a list of all your accounts once they are created by the tool here and you will have an option to export the info about each account. You can also use your own formatting for the export file, you can also export the cookies. If you tool supports that you should export and import the cookies. From our experience this is one of the best way to get the accounts to survive more.

Log tab

This is pretty basic, it;s just a log, here you go after you start the account creation and want to see how it’s going or if you have any problems, usually when you contact us it would be very useful if you include a full log with the description of your problem, that would help us a lot.

Settings tab

Now let’s talk about the settings:

  • Block images — if you are using proxies that charge you for bandwidth you should use this feature.
  • Hide browser — if you don’t have any problems you can let this checked, if you are having any problems, before contacting us you can run it and remove the check from hide browser to see maybe you can find out more info about the error and contact us with anything you’ve found.
  • Number of threads — there isn’t much to say. Make sure you don’t try to run too many threads if your machine isn’t very powerful or if you’re using rotating proxies limited to a number of thread.
  • Verify emails automatically — self-explanatory, if you use fake emails this feature won’t work.
  • Delay for email verification — this will take effect only if you use the email verification feature. And it will add a delay before trying to check for the email(because sometimes the email will arrive after a delay)
  • Try up to X — this only affects the email verification, sometimes you won’t be able to connect to the email on the first try or there may be other errors. This is why we’ve added this.
  • Add X random pixels to profile images before uploading — this feature will run only if you upload profile pictures. This is very useful if you don’t want to have the same md5 to all your photos, by adding 100 or more random pixels the photo will be unique. The more pixels you add the more unique the photo will become, but also if you add a lot of pixels it may lose some clarity.

More info about the instagram account creator

So this is pretty much everything you should know about our Instagram account creator in order to use it successfully. If you still have any questions you can check other blog posts from our blog, or you can contact us directly from our landing page using the live chat option. Have a great day and enjoy creating unlimited accounts!

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